About Vayia Skinner

Hi! I’m Vayia Skinner. Welcome to Vayia’s Kitchen!

As a wife to my husband of 23 years, mom to my two (yes, two!) sets of twins, and a proud first generation Greek-American, I became inspired to start a “real” blog about food, parenting and life.

Vayia's Kitchen

This blog will explore many themes about many topics, but primarily food, parenting, and life. I will feature many recipes that were handed down to me through generations of strong, Greek women, and my own parenting experiences and lessons learned through tears and frustration, failures and victories.

Most importantly, I will share how important it is to keep a good perspective — to be real about life — and to remain true to oneself in this new, tech-driven world we live in.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

Καλη Ορεξη! Enjoy your meal!