Real life and the kitchen table.

Real life and the kitchen table.

Have you ever noticed that whenever you have something “real” to discuss, you head to the kitchen table? There’s something official — yet comforting — about sitting in your preferred spot at the family table for a meaningful talk. It can be about anything: family finances, planning a vacation, less than stellar 3rd quarter grades, or the health of a loved one. It’s where you sketch out your game plan, pay your bills, entertain close friends and family. It’s the heartbeat of the home. 

Our kitchen table is nothing fancy. We’ve upsized a couple of times over the years as we added additional sets of twins to the family. This one is

Reilly enjoying birthday cake
Reilly enjoying a slice of birthday cake

from Target, comfortably seats 6 (allows for extra seats when we have guests), and feels like home. Its maple wood top is scarred from hot dishes and no-so-gentle children. It sports several different shades of nail polish and quite a few magic marker drawings from long forgotten art projects. It’s the center of home.

Many family dinners and coffee dates have been hosted at the kitchen table.

Real Life and the Kitchen Table
Evan and Reilly – 2008

At one hazy point in time, we even squeezed in two high chairs and two booster seats and still managed to make room for guests. We’ve eaten quick meals on the go, elaborate family Sunday suppers, festive play group lunches, and lots and lots of Friday night pizza parties.

The kitchen table is also where we come together to have our “family meetings”. It’s the family boardroom table — the spot where we employ our course correction to get our kids back on track when necessary. It’s where we calmly and quietly (Haha, just kidding! Read: loudly and hotly) hold discussions, giving each of our kids a voice. It’s also where we, as a team, make up, forgive, and start over.

The kitchen table represents the heart and soul of family life. It’s the place where you start your day and end your day.  It says, “welcome to my home, sit down and relax. Have you eaten? Are you thirsty?” It’s comfort and home and love and real life and I wouldn’t change a thing about it.



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